Weber Briquettes - 8Kg

Weber Briquettes - 8Kg

Barbeque Accessory
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Weber Briquettes - 8kg Size

Long lasting, even-burning fuel for the perfect grilling experience!

Briquettes can be the most important ingredient of a successful barbecue, and these may be Webers' most efficient to date. Far more effective than dusty coals that heat up and glow unevenly, Weber Briquettes are glowing and barbecue-ready in 20 minutes, and their large pillow shape means that you need fewer coals to get great results.

They are 100% natural - made from carbonised wood, starch and water - and will deliver a consistent high heat for up to 3 hours, making them perfect for grilling steaks or roasting joints.

The weather-protective packaging uses a resealable zip to keep your briquettes dry in damp conditions..

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